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lawrence kalinowski <>: Sep 03 01:56PM -0700

I manage two adsense accounts (two different logins & ad client id's). Each
account has an adsense management api application configured.
One adsense account returns data via the API; the other does not unless I
go back to 2012. Both contain current data.
I don't understand why no data is being returned from the second unless I
use two year old startdate/enddate parameters.
How I tested:
I tested the API by logging into adsense, creating a report, & then using
the "Open in Google APIs Explorer" dropdown select to pre-populate the API
Explorer w/relevant dimensions & metrics, etc..
When using the pre-filled values & executing the API call via the explorer
-> no rows are returned. But of course in the performance reports page of
adsense, data is visible and reported.
Any idea what is disconnected here?
As I mentioned above, two adsense accounts & one is perfectly fine. Both
were setup in identical form. One is domestic US, the other is
international channels.
The one that is not responding with current data is the international form.
thanks -- Larry
"Jose Alcérreca (AdSense API Team)" <>: Sep 05 08:30AM -0700

Hi Larry,
Can't find anything you might be doing wrong :) Can you reply to me
privately with both account IDs so I can have a look?
On Wednesday, 3 September 2014 21:56:50 UTC+1, lawrence kalinowski wrote:
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