Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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We are trying to access a user's AdSense report, the user has allowed us to
access his AdSense & AdWords and we have the refresh token, we call the
"OAuth2.refreshAccessToken" to get access token, it is OK. Then we use the
access token to call AdSense API, the API version we are using is v1.4, and
language is Nodejs.
When we trying to call adsense.adClients.list(...), it returns
{ [Error: Invalid Credentials]
code: 401,
[ { domain: 'global',
reason: 'authError',
message: 'Invalid Credentials',
locationType: 'header',
location: 'Authorization' } ] }
Our code works well for other users' refresh token, but for this user it
always failed with above error, how it happens and how can we fix it?
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"Dean Lukies (Adsense API Team)" <>: Mar 29 07:04AM -0700

The error message indicates that the access token you have is not valid for
the AdSense API you are calling.
Check that the scope is set corretly and that the originating account has
AdSense access.
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