Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[Inside AdSense] 10 for 10 publisher stories: Northlight Images develops a successful photography business

In each of the 10 weeks leading up to AdSense's 10th anniversary on June 18th, we'll be sharing a new publisher success story. Read on to meet this week's featured publisher, and feel free to submit your own success story to our team. 

Meet Keith Cooper, a commercial photographer based in Leicester, England. He runs Northlight Images, a site that was originally intended to promote his business, but which has grown to include hundreds of photography-related articles and reviews. The site has now become one of the world's top 40 photography sites, receiving over five million unique visitors a year.


Keith signed up for AdSense in 2005 after exploring a number of options. The income from the program has enabled him to focus on the areas of photography he's interested in. "AdSense is solid and dependable," he says, "and it earns me 80 to 90 percent of my advertising revenue."

To maximize the site's effectiveness, Keith also uses a variety of other Google products. "Google+ is the one that really does it," he says. "It brings in people who are interested in the topic and looking for specific information, so they spend more time on the site and ultimately increase my revenue."

If you'd like to read more of Keith's story after watching the video above, check out the full case study. There's only one more post left in our '10 for 10' series -- be sure to join us back here next week for our final story!

Posted by Arlene Lee - Inside AdSense Team
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