Friday, June 14, 2013

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    "Thế Nguyễn Nhữ" <> Jun 04 06:54PM -0700  

    google search I found a lot of search keywords that I have this page, even though I click on the page's content but not relevant to
    that keyword, can anyone tell me about analysis tools as well as how this
    page seo is Thank you!


    wira syanni <> Jun 04 12:59AM -0700  

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  Jun 11 12:50AM -0700  

    Hi all,
    I'm building an e-commerce site with OpenCart, which is sorted from general
    categories to specific ones. There are 10 main categories, and each one is
    parted according to the sublevels needed for an easy navigation and ordered
    classification of the whole catalog, about 1600 unique SKU or references.
    As a result, when you arrive to the final product , the URL (pretty SEO
    friendly rewrited by .htaccess & apache) contains more than one occurrence
    of the keyword for this product or group of products, and has many levels,
    from 2 to 5, like this one (I'm also using dashes) :
    The keywords usually is repeated on breadcrumbs, left side menu, page
    title, H tags, description and product name, and meta description and
    keywords. Not so much as a matter of SEO, but because is the info I have
    for the product, and the most relevant I can provide for people to find the
    I know i should keep the numbers of sublevels short, but the site is built
    for the users to descend comfortabily until they found what they need. The
    farest products is 4 clics away from shop home page (catalog subdir), plus
    1 one from website home page.
    How bad is this? Could these URLs be considered as spammy? Too many
    sublevels? Sometimes I'm almost forced to repeat the kw (say, the brand
    before or being part of the name), or some products (like ink colors) will
    have repeated SEO URL keywords.
    Thanks in advance,


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