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    Albert Arul Prakash Rajendran <> Jan 13 06:29PM +0530  

    [image: Inline image 1]I wanted to let you know about an event my friend,
    @beejal parmar, is doing on the
    1st of Feb, in Bangalore.
    He has conducted workshops and seminars all over the world, but this will
    be he first time in India, a 1 day intensive version of what he does with
    his high-end coaching clients, titled: 'Personality Success Blueprint'
    The workshop is suitable for both career professionals and entrepreneurs,
    you will learn:
    Discover the 7 keys to unlock the secrets of your personality to achieve
    greater success...
    PLUS tools to help you release the potential of your personality by letting
    go of emotional baggage and overcoming limiting beliefs…
    PLUS A process for creating a powerful and compelling vision for your life
    and how to
    better keep life in balance by outwitting the unconscious mind.
    Click here to learn more:
    Regular Price
    As this is the 1st event in India, the promotional price is ONLY 4700/-
    (regular price is 7000/-)
    As one of my associates I have arranged for you to attend for only 4000/-
    per person.
    Note: only 4 spots available at this price.
    BONUS: You will ALSO get your PRISM Brain & Behavior Analysis, Report and
    one-on-one consultation which he usually offers at 6000/- Included In the
    Click here to lean more about 'Personality Success Blueprint'
    There are ONLY 10 tables and 50 seats available, tickets are getting
    booked, I recommend you reserve your spot early.
    You must call and let Beejal know you have been referred by me.
    Can't make it or this is not for you? Please feel free to pass this on as an
    invitation. But they to mention me by name to get the discount.
    All the best,
    P.S. I am attaching a flyer for the event that you can view on your mobile
    Event details:
    Saturday, 1st February 2014
    Registration 9.30 am,
    Start 10.00am - End 6.00pm
    Shilton Royale Hotel,
    100 ft Road, Koramangala,
    (Opposite Oasis Mall), Bangalore
    with luv,
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