Saturday, August 9, 2014

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    BR David <> Aug 08 12:44PM -0700  

    Dear SEO Professional,
    Please don't do any SEO work these website. This client not paid my SEO fee
    around 660 USD. He is cheater webmaster. In below i have given all
    Webmaster Name : Thorsten Wittenbecher
    *Michel Deheer( Thorsten)*
    Website :
    Website :
    Skype: thw.nwa
    Skype: live:info_85169
    If any one doing SEO for these site then take all payment in advance.


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  1. To all Webmaster who wants to make SEO. Be Aware of this BR David (

    It is not we have not payed him. It is even after we stopped to use his service he press you to pay further. In our eyes his way to work is unserious.

    And if you quit his work then you will find yourself here and called a cheater.

    More unseriousity is nearly not possible.