Friday, March 13, 2015

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Donghan Miao <>: Mar 11 07:24AM -0700

I am using google adsense APIs to get total # of clicks and page_views for
a client id. however, I get different results if adding CUSTOM_CHANNEL_ID
in dimension.
following query doesn't include CUSTOM_CHANNEL_ID in dimension, the result
is consistent with adsense web console (account overview).
GET /adsense/v1.4/accounts/xxxx/reports?filter=AD_CLIENT_ID%3D%3Dxxxx&
in contrast, if adding &dimension=CUSTOM_CHANNEL_ID in the search query
(everything else remains the same), total clicks/pageviews surprisingly
changed (in some cases, I got larger #, some casesI got smaller #).
I believe this is not correct. the query above itself contains all
dimensions and metrics I was using. this issue can be reproduced using
other client_id too. does any of you have similar issues too?
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