Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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Filippo Silvestro <filippo.silvestro@altervista.it>: Apr 07 01:16AM -0700

Hi there,
we have some users reporting a problem with the association of their
AdSense account to our host account. The problem described is that they
can't reach the adsense signup page where we redirect them after the
associationsession.start api call, like the server is not responding. We
were not able to reproduce the error, but it looks like a problem with a
server or with its connectivity toward some italian isp.
Do you have any other reports of this kind of issue? Can you please check
if there is a problem?
Do you have any update about the problem with the association of AdSense
accounts using AdMob I reported monts ago?
Thank you
Bastien DONJON <veilleblogs@gmail.com>: Apr 03 12:25AM -0700

Nice. Thanks Dean.
Le jeudi 2 avril 2015 18:59:59 UTC+2, Dean Lukies (Adsense API Team) a
écrit :
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