Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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"Dean Lukies (Adsense API Team)" <adsenseapiadvisor+lukiesd@google.com>: Aug 31 01:24PM -0700

Hi Ashesh,
This forum is for Adsense API <https://developers.google.com/adsense/host>
support, not for product support; please try asking your question at
However, it looks like you have 4 content display ads and the max is 3 - so
that may be causing your issues.
"Nicolas Gremion" <nic@paradisepublishers.com>: Aug 31 08:45AM -0600


we have been a hosted adsense API partner of yours for years. However about
2 weeks ago the program stopped working and we can't seem to get any replied
from anyone on your end about this.

Even our forum posts go unanswered. Here is the question -

"I am creating ads for associated a/cs using AdSense Host API 4.1.
Everything works from creating the association, creating ad units for
associated accounts and getting the ad codes.

For some reason none of the accounts are showing ads on their respective
pages. For ex:
the code is there in HTML but no ads are showing.

If it had been on few accounts i could have understood that the page is not
triggering ads but its happening to all associated accounts on our website."

Could you please help us. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Nicolas Gremion
ParadisePublishers.com <http://www.paradisepublishers.com/>
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