Thursday, October 27, 2016

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hello my good friend ......i have be grieving on my indulgence all through day and night ....
i have a serious problem which have turn down my personality against  my attitude..
i was born and brought up in a catholic community mum died in my tender age .,my dad was a victim of 
...terror attack ..were he sustain a  degrees of injuries  but he later gave up.....
as a young girl ..i have .try to maintain the dignity of woman but is of no avail just because life is hard 
for me...
i try to pickup a job but is not favorable for me ..till i indulge in sex service work.
but not till i was attack recently in Portugal were i went to visit my client ...
my problem here is i have be passing through all night trauma due to this my pass experience .
please i need to go back to my motherland ..but i can be able to raise my fees for that,,
a friend tell me to use this medium which i have try for 6 months now ,,all i got here is people reminding me 
my old days memory by asking me to send my naked pictures..
but i notice that you are just a different person with a different motive in social platform...
please can you just help to subsides this my trip back to my mother tired of this my wayward life 
thanks in anticipation and hoping to get your reply
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