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    TGG <> Oct 29 02:21PM -0700  

    Not showing any improvement on this issue. Have you all figured away
    around it? Thanks
    On Monday, May 13, 2013 3:51:01 PM UTC-5, Jay Bale wrote:


    Sergiu Draganus <> Nov 01 09:48PM -0700  

    > Hi Michael, and thanks for the set of tools.
    If you are looking to optimize your Local SEO campaign or only to check
    local rankings by using Local IP addresses, GeoRanker is the platform you
    shall look into.


    trooperbill <> Nov 04 08:30AM -0800  

    Back in April everything was going fine with my site -
    around the 25th tho i lost all of my rankings. I haven't had a notice from
    Google about anything in webmaster tools and am pretty lost.
    Can anyone help diagnose whats happened?
    Its been 6 months now and here's what i've done so far without any success:
    - Downloaded all backlinks using Majestic SEO and manually reviewed each
    - Ive contacted websites i think are of low quality asking for removal
    - 6 months later ive re-run the report and disavowed each of the domains
    that remain.

    - I went through the website and fixed as many of the w3c errors as
    - I ran copyscape on every page and re-wrote everything that was
    - I de-optimised all title tags
    - Ive 301's all dead pages to relevant content
    - ive noindexed and nofollowed all links and the folder containing PDF's

    I've even bought Fiverr gigs that help diagnose penalty issues without any
    The only remaining thing i can think of is that the site was moved to a
    cheaper USA host around the same time - maybe this is a bad host tho i have
    no way of checking. I also temporarily set the geolocation of the site in
    webmaster tools to the UK to see if it would improve rankings (its set back
    to global now).
    Can anyone help me out - i'm at my witts end?
    I'm in the process of rebuilding the site from scratch using new file names
    and intend to 302 the old content to see if this will help recover things -
    but this wont help if the home page has been hit.


    trooperbill <> Nov 04 08:31AM -0800  

    We had Panda 2.1 recently which is a content algorithm. Maybe your test
    needs to be re-written to be more helpful?
    On Wednesday, 16 October 2013 22:31:09 UTC+1, Tomer Gal wrote:


    "Đức Trần Ngọc" <> Nov 09 11:21AM +0700  

    My site is:
    I tried to submit many times on, but it's didn't appear! Please
    show me how
    2013/11/8 Sjoerd Buurman <>


    fsbooz <> Nov 09 10:43PM -0800  

    Our webiste ranks for the keyphrase "For Sale By
    owner' and nothing else. No other keywords, no variations of this -
    absolutely nothing.
    Last year e had some sort of negative SEO campaign done against us, without
    300,000 backlinks created with keywords "Sell My House". We dropped out of
    Google at that time. Since then most of these links have disappeared, and
    we also added a lot of them to our disavow file.
    Basically, if I copy and paste unique text from our website into Google, we
    come up last if we come up at all. If I search for keyphrases relating to
    our services or website, flower shops in Portugal come up on 70, but we are
    nowhere to be found.
    We are not ranking for anything at all, apart from main keyphrase mentioned.
    Since we have no manual penalty, I thought maybe we had baad coding which
    was leading to an algorithmic penalty, but can't find any problems.
    Would be extremely grateful if any has any suggestions as to why we are
    performing so badly, and essentially have no organic presence whatsoever.
    Thanks in advance!


    Vivian Baxter <> Nov 11 03:28PM -0800  

    Hello Everyone,
    This is the second day in a row a goggled Conscious Females and a
    description comes up that does not belong to me.
    Today is says: We are that creative defining brush of/ for the ARTIST…to
    paint on ITS canvas of ITS OWN Brilliant
    Fabric of ITS *Consciousness*. ==>> Continue Reading The *...*
    Yesterday, it said something about "male consciousness".
    I have no clue what to do about this or how it being accomplished. When you
    click the link it takes you to my site
    but that is not my description nor was it my description yesterday nor has
    it ever been.
    Any suggestions on how this is being accomplished? ...and what I can do
    about it?



    Lordia ir <> Nov 12 01:33AM -0800  

    Hello ALL
    My Shop 1 year launched 6 months Google was the first link. But now to the second
    and third Has declined All the new rules of SEO I follow But not good. What do
    I need to first page
    Please guide
    Thank you
    MYSite: <>
    فروشگاه اینترنتی <>


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