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    Naveen Singh <> Nov 05 02:41AM -0800  

    Is it safe to promote our elance profile through SEO? If yes, How can we do


    trooperbill <> Nov 05 05:28AM -0800  

    could be that you were hit with a panda penalty?
    have you checked the time of the drop against known updates?
    Least that way you'd know the cause.
    On Tuesday, 22 October 2013 14:20:59 UTC+1, Fernando Basso wrote:


    trooperbill <> Nov 05 05:31AM -0800  

    Definately penguin based on SEMRush and when your rankings tumbled!
    your backlinks arent great quality.
    Consider cleaning them out and building better ones.
    On Tuesday, 15 October 2013 20:09:56 UTC+1, Peter Goodwin wrote:


    razz vazz <> Nov 05 01:31PM -0800  

    I recently installed a new script on a domain i run. Together with this
    script comes a lot of new media/material.
    The old script i have been using for 6 years had this url structure -->
    The new script will be using this
    The "problem" is that the new script will have a bunch of random id
    numbers, probably different then the old script.
    To be clear, all old material related to the old script will be deleted.
    To stick with the example i provided. When i would 301 this to there are 2 things
    that can happen.
    there is no such id (19067) or there is such an id but with different
    material then what it was before (so also a new title,description etc)
    I think its a pain in the ass to configure this properly so i'm gonna ask
    you guys/girls if its allowed to just 301 ALL URLS FROM OLD SCRIPT to be
    redirected to homepage.


    Marek Sasik <> Nov 06 01:37PM -0800  

    Hi there.
    We are now making our ajax page google crowlable via fragment hash. Will
    google penalize our site, if we optimize output for fragment crowl? We have
    a lot of inline scripts and css classes (bootstrap classes are really long
    named) that are unnecessary and not "data" depending. The second reason is,
    that now all design is builded on client side, and we must do the same
    render on server side now, and it can be a little difficult to have similar
    output. AFAIK google penalize some hacks and whitecollar techniques, when
    developers make different page for google and everybody else, so I just
    want to be clear.


    Jauzy Hussain <> Nov 06 03:09AM -0800  

    I have updated my website 30 days back but it's not Crawl by Google.
    1months back my website was on top in all the keywords but
    last 2days it's getting down. i have updated few title / keywords /
    after that modification. Google not crawling my website. I have fatched and
    Indexed through webmaster. their is everything is fine.. no error.
    Beside this. when i search my website in google. it's showing older
    Title/Keywords/description etc.
    while i have updated all the things
    Re-visit website is 5days
    Please give me right solutions for this
    i have update sitemap again too
    kindly crawl my website earliest it's very urgent for me
    this is my website


    Hidden SEO <> Nov 06 08:06PM -0800  

    I have ever used some Google Ranking Tools. The fact that each tool shows
    different result. Which one is the trusted? Please help. I want to optimize
    my site I don't see it on Google.
    Its ranking may be 171 but I really don't know.
    Pada Selasa, 06 Maret 2007 4:16:39 UTC+7, SEOExpert menulis:
    > Michael Wilson
    > SEO Expert
    > Group Founder
    Pada Selasa, 06 Maret 2007 4:16:39 UTC+7, SEOExpert menulis:


    Brenda housemaster <> Nov 08 07:46AM -0800  

    They moderators filter anything negative about Google's Brand because they
    are in damage control... If they approved every message people would see
    the unbelievable outrage in the SEO community. Google is shameless. They
    are destroying rankings based on backlink profiles. I could destroy anyones
    ranking with little effort by deploying bad backlinks to their website.
    Google does not care. They want their CPC to go up. Instead of doing what
    is right (auto disavow or do not give any credit to nonsense back links)
    they PENALIZE websites for it. There are thousands of SEO experts that see
    Google for what they are now. A monopoly that is capitalizing on destroying
    rankings to stuff their pockets through PPC. If they think no one notices,
    they are sadly mistaken. Businesses are far better off doing other
    marketing and not relying so heavily on Google. Google's reputation has
    been severely damaged.
    On Wednesday, October 16, 2013 5:31:09 PM UTC-4, Tomer Gal wrote:


    Sjoerd Buurman <> Nov 08 08:28AM -0800  

    I have this registration form on the homepage of my website. In this form
    is a huge list with cities that are now being indexed. If I fetch my site
    as Google Bot (in Webmaster tools) the majority of my site seems to be
    about the cities.
    Is there any way of preventing this dropdown from being indexed? It's not
    very relevant for my website.
    Note: I do not seem to suffer on this when I search on the keywords I want
    to be found on, but I just wanted to know


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