Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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    Claus <> Apr 27 03:15PM -0700  

    Hello guys,
    I'm facing the "Rate Limit Exceeded" error with Adsense management API. The
    problem clearly isn't with daily request quota, since I make very few
    requests and the overview in the Google API console also says the quota is
    fine, currently I see 3% of daily quota used and the requests per second
    chart shows maximum average requests per second for last day as 0.0444
    requests/sec. At the time I'm writing this, it's about 9 hours until
    midnight PDT and I'm getting the error.
    Even when I tried to push the request directly through the Google API
    console, I'm getting the error. The response shown when I send request
    through the API explorer in the API console is: "domain": "usageLimits",
    "reason": "rateLimitExceeded", "message": "Rate Limit Exceeded"
    The error starts appearing at random times every day (usually just 1-2
    hours before midnight, but sometimes as early as today, 9-10 hours before
    the end of the day) and disapears about 45 minutes after midnight PDT,
    effectively blocking me from generating any report through API until the
    quota reset at midnight. I have also set the Per-user limit to 10
    requests/second/user (even though I'm not sending more than one request
    every few minutes) but it didn't help.
    Does anyone have any clue how could I fix this and what could be the
    problem? I have absolutely no idea why this happens since I'm not sending
    many requests at once, and also not using the allowed 10000 requests/day
    quota almost at all, reports at developer's console say that the average is
    about 500 requests/day.
    Thanks to all for any input.


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