Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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    Charlie Programmer <shymathguy@gmail.com> Apr 22 02:40PM -0700  

    I display list of URLs and, as much as possible, want to record the time
    the user does each of these:

    1. Click on any URL to display its page
    2. Browse through the pages linked to from the URL
    3. Open any URL is a new tab
    4. Click on a tab
    5. Open any URL is a new window
    6. Use the browser's back arrow to go back to a previous page or the list
    of URLs
    7. Close any tab to go back to another page
    8. Close any window to go back to another page.


    Sammy Noorani <snoorani109@gmail.com> Apr 22 06:01PM -0400  

    Set up Event Tracking via Google Analytics.


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