Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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    Kunal Pawar <kunal4uonly@gmail.com> Apr 01 12:38PM +0530  

    Hi All,
    Wanted to know your opinion's on one basic query for which I am slightly in
    double minds.
    I have a website which has an article section & a blog incorporated within
    the same domain. Say, Xyz.com/articles & Xyz.com/blog. I upload an article
    under the article section Xyz.com/articles/a1.aspx & the same article as it
    is, is uploaded on my blog as well Xyz.com/blog/b1.aspx.
    The page a1.aspx & b1.aspx have the same content (word to word) & are on
    the same domain. Now, please help me understand will search engines
    consider a1.aspx & b1.aspx as duplicate content or will this pages have
    their own identity?
    Awaiting to hear your comments on the same. Thanks in Advance.


    Naveed Ashraf <naveedashraf33@gmail.com> Apr 01 12:21PM +0500  

    I think search engine will consider this as duplicate content. But you can
    use rel=canonical tag to avoid any bad hit from search engines spiders.
    Decide which page is more important blog or article and than just add meta
    tag <link rel="canonical" href="URL" /> in both pages.


    pramod sakhare <s.pramod0211@gmail.com> Apr 01 03:14PM +0530  

    Whichever page is first crawled by the Google search engine will be
    considered as a original and other will be considered as a duplicate
    Use rel=canonical tag to avoid bad hit from google spider as suggested by
    above SEO.
    Thanks and Regards
    Thanks & Regards
    pramod sakhare
    Chirag Infotech


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