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    A <> Jun 11 02:27PM -0700  

    I am trying to generate a report with multiple metrics but I keep receiving
    an empty report. I am using Ruby with HTTParty to use the v1.4 HTTP API. Am
    I supposed use a list for the metric parameters?
    Here is my code:
    options = {
    query: {
    endDate: "2014-05-25",
    startDate: "2014-05-24",
    dimension: "AD_UNIT_NAME",
    metric: ["AD_REQUESTS","EARNINGS", "CLICKS"]
    headers: {
    'Authorization' => 'Bearer %s' %token


    "Sérgio Gomes (AdSense API Team)" <> Jun 12 02:21AM -0700  

    Hi there,
    I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with HTTParty to give you an answer on
    that, but essentially, what you want to have at the HTTP level is
    In other HTTP clients, that's achieved by assigning an array to a key, as
    you mention, and the client handles the rest.
    Could you take a look at the logs to see what your request string looks
    Also, have you considered using the Google APIs client library
    <> instead? We've got
    a pretty good set of samples
    to get you started!
    Sérgio Gomes
    Developer Relations
    Google UK Limited
    Registered Office: Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W
    Registered in England Number: 3977902
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