Thursday, December 5, 2013

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    Jonathan Perez <> Dec 02 12:24PM -0800  

    I am a web developer at a website in which we are (and have been for years)
    the #1 search result. We have recently started using social meta tags for
    Twitter, Facebook, etc, causing Google to pick up and add an image to the
    Unfortunately, Google has also added the date June 22, 2005. Our click
    through rate has plummeted from 40%, to less than 2%. Removing the image
    removes the date as well, but we want the image to stay without keeping the
    We have no idea where Google is pulling the date from. The page in question
    was created well after 2005, and the video in the page was created in 2011.
    The page is also updated regularly to keep up with tax information. The
    date June 22, 2005 does not appear on the page. I have created a script
    that ran through all the numbers on the page to see if Google was mashing
    numbers together to pull out a Unix timestamp, but this was not the case
    either. I have also looked into other sites linking to us, and have still
    not found this date.
    Is there any way to keep the image in our Google snippet, while removing
    the date? Would it be better to just provide Google with a date, given that
    the information itself does not get updated often? Any help would be


    Rahul Trivedi <> Dec 04 12:09PM +0530  

    Does your site still struggling?
    On 7 October 2013 23:05, <


    Rahul Trivedi <> Dec 04 12:10PM +0530  

    You need to ask Google for this or you have to make your site copy scape


    Jesus Bond <> Dec 04 10:00AM -0800  

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