Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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    Ashish Revar <> Mar 12 01:53PM +0530  

    I want to copy multiple data from multiple pages from one site.
    Pages having postback method as it is having drop down lists to fetch data
    from database.
    Site has been developed in aspx.
    *Thanks and Regards,*
    Ashish Revar,
    +91 9909298846


    Joe Kelly <> Mar 12 03:58PM -0700  

    I'm not entirely sure what you are asking for. Can you elaborate?


    Ashish Revar <> Mar 13 08:50AM +0530  

    I want to make scrapper which download all exam papers and along with a csv
    file with all table data.
    We need to select dropdown lists and click Search. So papers are being
    displayed. I used curl method to do so but I am not getting papers semester
    If I select branch: Computer Engineering and Semester:6 then it should
    provide papers for that branch and sem only and my script must download
    papers to local folder.
    Hope it is clear now.
    *Thanks and Regards,*
    Ashish Revar,
    +91 9909298846


    RRRaney <> Mar 12 06:48AM -0700  

    Hello Doug,
    This is the structure of the WAR directory and the sub-directories
    containing the .html files
    The example that I am trying to follow uses this so browsers with scripting
    disabled (probably not all that many)
    will get the index.html for the directory by default.
    With a couple of JScript/JQuery functions I can make the navigator a lot
    I am trying to do away with the use of <noscript> tag.
    In my first couple of sites I used the <noscript> to have some basic
    functionality, and then
    had another definition of the fancy version (always seemed like a waste).


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