Sunday, March 9, 2014

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    Artist <> Mar 09 07:28PM -0500  

    Really? You are kidding, right? Because you aren't acting professional at
    all, and your experience so far shows us that you are a spammer, which is a
    negative point against you for any sort of SEO title since the search
    engines penalize spammers and give their sites a lower ranking, without
    exception. Maybe you already rank so low that they don't know about you?
    No one else is spamming this group with unrelated replies that can easily
    be insulting to every other pro here, and for no reason at all.
    i am professional and experience seo service provider
    > i have more then 5 years of experience in seo field and optimized in
    > google uk top ten ranking.
    Where is it you see anyone asking for anything related to SEO? 5 years of
    experience? That's not much, I have 14 years studying the craft so that I
    know what NOT TO DO, because of "SEO Pros" that don't know what they are
    doing. What is your top ten ranking for, a 5 word phrase that no one uses
    or searches for?
    OK, that's just a response to your spam. But the main thing is, that was
    spam. Do it again and we will ban you. No one asked for that kind of
    help. Had they, that would be a different story. But you are not allowed
    to step on other people's conversations willy-nilly for no good reason. It
    isn't professional, it isn't decent netiquette, and it is offensive because
    it is spam in a spam free group for professionals who do get it. These are
    same pros you compete with, and so if you are looking for a link here to
    get an advantage, it will just wind-up getting you banned for insulting
    your peers.


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