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    luna chakraborty <lbhakat@gmail.com> Aug 19 11:40PM +0530  

    Hi Colin,
    Thanks for this beautiful information and i will try to implement them as
    soon as i can and i will work with only one keyword at a time.
    in my case can you please suggest me what should i do apart from this.
    *SEO Professional.*
    *Team Manager*
    *Univex Solutions*
    *skype: univex.luna*


    Reg Charie <reg.charie@gmail.com> Aug 18 03:26PM -0700  

    The PR of a webpage is no longer the focus in a link's assigned PR.
    Google changed PR to be based on relevance.
    If your links on any PR page, even 0, is relevant it will help your PR.
    On a brand new site I got a PR4 in just over 4 months.
    When I got it i had:
    115 links in total.
    113 on PR0 pages,
    1 PR5 & 1 PR3 links.
    All links were on pages relevant to the landing page.
    On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 11:03 AM, Google expert Michael Wilson <
    Reg Charie


    Colin King <colin@educationquizzes.com> Aug 19 07:44AM -0700  

    Hi Inderjeet, Michael and Reg

    I have to say that I agree with Michael that loads of PR zero
    backlinks could do a lot more harm than good but, as Reg says, a lot
    could depend on relevance. In my world of online education I find that very
    few (20% or less) of sites that are relevant have PR zero - after all a
    site owner has to do very little to get to the level of PR1. Reg, it would
    be fascinating to know how you managed to acquire so many links from PR
    zero sites and then just one excellent site that is PR5 with virtually
    nothing between. We also need to consider the fact that Google tell us they
    expect to see a "natural link profile" and 115 links with 113 having PR
    zero certainly could not be considered "natural". I would think that site
    is headed for a Google penalty fairly soon!

    Inderjeet, if along with your 100 zero PR links you also have a few hundred
    PR1's and better then I would not worry. On the other hand, if the
    majority of your inbound links are PR zero then I would be very worried
    about incurring the wrath of Google!

    Hope that helps,



    Google expert Michael Wilson <mikewilsonseo@gmail.com> Aug 19 12:39PM -0400  

    Yup I just ranked drugrehabcentres.com #2 world wide and I have 11 links.
    And I just started my new Seo site CanadianSearchEngineOptimizationCompany.com page 1 is up Today.
    If anyone wants to start a contest I'm ready!!! We will see who can rank hehe!
    I plan to start a Seo Course online free for all group members soon so stay tuned.
    Any good sites that would like to exchange links to my new seo site let me know directly.
    Happy Googling
    "Content is King"
    Michael Wilson
    Google Seo Groups founder.
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