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    Sam Mah <> Aug 15 06:21PM -0600  

    Your site ranks 72 on desktop and 69 out of 100 on mobile according to
    Google PageSpeed. Speed is a factor in Google search algorithm. Why don't
    you try to improve your site's speed?


    Colin King <> Aug 15 01:27PM -0700  

    On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 10:48:39 PM UTC+1, Lynn Wenger wrote:
    > About a month ago my site,, was demoted in Google's index
    > for the key phrases "post driver" and "post drivers". We used to be on the
    > first page. Do you see any reason why the site would have gotten demoted?
    Hi Jay,

    Many thanks, your insight is appreciated.



    Google expert Michael Wilson <> Aug 16 07:26PM -0400  

    Lol that's why I love Jay .... He calls it like he sees it.
    Actually Lynn you asked the group for help and I'd like to ask the group the same question to them and you in response to your question... What have you done for your site lately ? (Feed it.)
    That's why u bounce. #1 doesn't bounce.
    I have been planing sites with over 10000 pages. I like #1 ;) happy Googling Lynn
    Michael Wilson
    Content is KING.
    Sent from a Google hub.


    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Aug 17 06:56AM -0400  

    Hold the phone!
    sorry to jump in but the site has issues.... maybee the theme..
    problem: multiple H1 and No H2
    <h1 class="entry-title"> <a
    title="Permalink to The Man Saver's got your back!" rel="bookmark">The
    Man Saver's got your back!</a> </h1>
    <h1 class="entry-title"> <a
    title="Permalink to Ranch Life: Make your Coffee Outdoors!"
    rel="bookmark">Ranch Life: Make your Coffee Outdoors!</a> </h1>
    how is googlebot suppose to understand what the site is about?
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    Michael Wilson
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    Colin King <> Aug 15 11:03PM -0700  

    On Thursday, August 15, 2013 7:58:53 PM UTC+1, Luna wrote:
    > "leaf guards" ranking is going up and after few days ranking is gone
    > down.why this up and downs is happening.
    > can anyone tell me why is this happening?
    Hi Luna,

    The experience I have had with our own sites is that this roller-coaster
    type of ranking is extremely common on relatively new sites and indeed, on
    new pages within established sites. You sometimes hear people talk about a
    "Honeymoon period" and it seems that Google often rank new sites highly for
    a few weeks to gage the reaction to them. After this initial high ranking
    the sites and pages fall back in the rankings and then begin a slow climb
    back up again.

    Again, my own experience is that it takes about a year of doing the right
    things for a new site and new pages to reach their "correct" position in
    the rankings and after that the ups and downs are much less tumultuous!

    All of which is assuming you have a relatively NEW site. If you have an
    established site (say a year or more old) and your rankings have suddenly
    fallen back then you have most likely succumbed to a change in the Google
    algorithms. Let us know how old your site is.

    Best wishes, Colin


    luna chakraborty <> Aug 16 11:06PM +0530  

    Hi Colin,
    Thank you so much for your reply.i really appreciate it.
    my site is almost 8 years old.
    *SEO Professional.*
    *Team Manager*
    *Univex Solutions*
    *skype: univex.luna*


    Colin King <> Aug 17 12:15AM -0700  

    On Thursday, August 15, 2013 7:58:53 PM UTC+1, Luna wrote:
    > "leaf guards" ranking is going up and after few days ranking is gone
    > down.why this up and downs is happening.
    > can anyone tell me why is this happening?
    Hi Luna,
    The fact that your site has been up-and-running for 8 years almost
    certainly means that for one reason or another Google are not valuing your
    site as highly as they once did. If you have not changed your site
    substantially then the reason for the devaluation can only be that Google's
    method of valuing sites (their algorithms) have recently been changed.
    Nobody outside of Google knows the exact nature of the algorithms but my
    top 3 suggestions to make Google look more kindly upon you are "Inbound
    Links", "Freshness" and "Specificity". A few notes about each follow…

    Your site has been going for 8 years and still only has a PageRank of 2 and
    that suggests that there are only a few "Good" sites linking to you. It
    could even be that you have recently suffered a penalty because you have
    "Bad" sites linking to you. If you have not done so already then it's
    important to setup and keep a watch on Google Webmaster Tools – that's
    where Google will tell you if they are unhappy about something on your site.

    If you can provide really good, useful information on your site about your
    speciality subject (not overly commercial) then it is much more likely that
    other "Good" sites will link to you. Google takes this as a clear sign
    that your site is trustworthy with resultant better rankings. Have you
    thought about running a blog? A blog that is "promoted" on social media
    sites is flavour of the month for building inbound links from trusted

    Google are keen to ensure that "redundant" and little-used sites are purged
    from their rankings or at least significantly demoted. If no pages have
    been added to your site recently then you may have fallen foul of the
    sections of the Google algorithm that deal with "freshness". Here again, a
    blog on your site (or even just a new page dealing with a specific subject
    every couple of weeks) might work wonders.

    Your site has relatively few pages and because of this each page is
    relatively non-specific. This means that Google gives you LOW priority in
    the rankings for MANY different terms and what you want is the opposite!
    My feeling is that it is preferable to rank in the top 5 positions on page
    1 for just a single key term than it is to rank on page 5 for 100 different
    terms. The hard truth is that people just don't visit page 5 in the SERPS
    let alone trust those sites!

    The solution to specificity is to determine exactly what products and
    services you can offer and then write a page for each one. On each page
    you need to convince visitors (and Google) that you are the expert in this
    field. Using your in-depth knowledge of the subject tell visitors what the
    problems are and how to overcome them; show them solutions you have and can
    provide; show them pictures of "Before and After"; explain why your system
    is better than anyone else's and most importantly of all, demonstrate that
    you empathise with their situation and you can make their lives better!

    Google are becoming better and better at determining what makes for a "good
    user experience". If you focus on providing more and better information to
    potential customers then Google will increasingly reward you for it.

    Hope that helps,



    "Đức Trần Ngọc" <> Aug 17 12:06AM +0700  

    Me too ! My website has the same problem ! I've use
    autosurf to increase my site rank
    2013/8/16 Luna <>


    luna chakraborty <> Aug 16 11:10PM +0530  

    Hi thanks for your reply.
    i m keep searching the reason why is this happening to my site and what is
    autosurf?please let me know.
    *SEO Professional.*
    *Team Manager*
    *Univex Solutions*
    *skype: univex.luna*


    Sam Mah <> Aug 15 05:09PM -0600  

    These days most people don't get backlinks..I focus your time on writing
    articles for your website and target your 1 long keyword per article. This
    is much safer getting backlinks to your site.
    On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 9:21 AM, Google Expert Michael Wilson <


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