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    Colin King <> Aug 01 12:31AM -0700  

    Hi Andrew,
    I am no expert at this but I can identify with your position and I would
    love to help if I can. Here's a suggestion...
    We are told the Page Titles on individual pages are extremely important
    (possibly THE most important factor) in telling Google what a page is all
    about. The title on your home page is "Australian mortgage broker | best
    home loans | best mortgage broker | free advice | home loans".
    We are told that the words that come nearer the beginning in a Page Title
    are more influential than ones that come later on. The fact that you rate
    well for "australian mortgage broker" fits well with this idea.
    The Page Title should be no more than 66 characters and your home Page
    Title is 94 characters and I think that is not a good idea.
    The fact that the page title contains "home loans" twice might well be
    regarded as keyword stuffing by the Google robots and they might therefore
    demote that term substantially.
    My theory is that the Google robots have (wrongly) figured out that you are
    all about "australian mortgage broker" and they think that you are trying
    to con them into believing that you ALSO specialize in "home loans". These
    things are not human after all and don't think like a human does - although
    I suspect they are getting nearer to this all the time!
    What I would try is this: I would adopt a title something like "australian
    mortgage broker specialising in home loans" for your home page - so that it
    then conforms with all the known guidelines. I would then construct
    another page dedicated SOLELY to home loans and tell the world all about
    why you are great in this specific area. I would then give this page a
    title something like "home loans specialist adviser and broker in Australia"
    Hope that helps, Colin


    Jay Bale <> Aug 01 03:24PM -0400  

    Colin spoke the truth except He lied when he said, " I am no expert".
    Take Collins advice, it was expert advise!
    Jay Bale
    Jay Bale SEO
    Jay Bale and Associates
    Google Ecommerce Development
    Group Manager, Google SEO 1
    122 S. Main Suite 290
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1925 USA
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    Katha Pharande <> Aug 01 06:11AM -0700  

    Hello Enrico,
    Make sure that you have done proper On-page SEO for the website. If it done
    already please cross check that Meta Tags & Meta description are are not
    similar for the pages. Submit your website to Google Webmaster tool
    properly. Check is your website is shown in google or not.
    On Thursday, August 1, 2013 7:54:36 AM UTC+5:30, Enrico Rella wrote:


    Alex <> Aug 01 06:01AM -0700  

    I've actually had this happen with a new site. In my case, the site didn't
    disappear from Google's index entirely--it just kept bouncing around from
    page 1 search results to like page 5. I was able to eventually find my
    listings by typing exact titles in the search results or just the domain.
    Did you type "site:" into the Google search bar?
    You coudl at least verify thsi way that your site isn't completely gone.
    I would also fix those errors found in webmaster tools immediately and make
    sure you have a quality site linking to yours.
    On Wednesday, July 31, 2013 10:24:36 PM UTC-4, Enrico Rella wrote:


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