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    Eli Morais <> Aug 09 09:19AM -0700  

    How r u?
    I'm from Brazil, and I'm work creating, programing and hosting websites.
    In my case, Is there a diference between my website (IP from my host) use
    IP from EUA (CA) *OR* IP here in Brazil?
    Is *Neighborhood IP* change something?
    My webhost is


    Google expert Michael Wilson <> Aug 09 09:21PM -0400  

    Yes. Use local hosting
    Michael Wilson
    Sent from a Google hub somewhere in California.
    "Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they
    never give up." - John Willard Marriott


    Google expert Michael Wilson <> Aug 10 08:43AM -0400  

    Whatever the local hosting company has as a dedicated ip basic hosting ....

    Don't make coffee from instant! And don't drink your beer out of your shoe.
    Sent from a Google hub somewhere in California.
    "Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they
    never give up." - John Willard Marriott


    Chris Wheeler <> Aug 08 12:11AM -0700  

    Hello Mark
    You have a number of issues with the site. However, it is simply possible
    that your competitor's have overtaken you and therefore your site has
    suffered. Issues I see include website validation errors in the programming
    code, low search numbers, low page views, and yout top naturally searched
    key phrase is "l20 4qc<>"
    - which to me does not sound like much of a money spinner! More detailed
    analysis will reveal more I guess, but unless you understand your
    competitors' sites and how they are built, their links etc, you are never
    going to achieve page 1 rankings. That said I focus on conversion, not just
    rankings, so you may find with more help that you can achieve some "quick
    wins". I run 3 groups on LinkedIn under the subtitle of "for the
    bewildered"..There is an SEO one "seo for the bewildered". This was created
    as an antidote to all the self-proclaimed "experts' and "gurus" who tell
    you lots, charge you loads and deliver you nothing. An alternative is to
    checkout our website - and contact me
    for help and free advice, if required. All the best. Chris
    On Tuesday, 6 August 2013 12:42:37 UTC+1, Mark Chapman wrote:


    Keny Gomez <> Aug 09 02:17AM -0700  

    I've read that Google doesn't give credit to Reciprocal Link Building as it
    does not indicate genuine link popularity. Then the question is, what
    happens when, for instance, a web development company has links that point
    to their clients' websites (as part of their portfolio) and on those
    clients' websites there is a link in the footer pointing to the development
    company? is that seen as good/bad practice? I'd like to hear your opinions,


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