Thursday, August 1, 2013

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    Enrico Rella <> Jul 31 07:24PM -0700  

    i have a new website it has 3 mounth and i have alredy done the
    on-pageseo.. The 3 weeks ago the website show and disappear, show and
    disappear, and now there isn't..
    Google webmaster tool said to me that there is 2 meta tag same and 2 meta
    description same and also 18 link not found.. I don't know if this is a big
    errors but the site there isn't..Perhaps is not to much time 3 mouth i
    don't know help me please bye bye


    Andrew Hunter <> Jul 31 08:22PM -0700  

    I have a website which has been around
    since 2000 and like many sites it took hits from Panda and Penguin but I
    have done all I can to fix this including disavowing about 20 domains. The
    site contains around 500 pages of unique, quality content ( I wrote most of
    it) and has good backlinks.
    The business is a home loan mortgage broker in Australia - so for keyword
    "australian mortgage broker" we are in 6th place - "mortgage broker
    australia" 13th place. This suggests things are working fine and that
    there are no SEO penalties being applied to site ... agree? Certainly no
    alarms in Webmaster tools etc.
    How come for the past 12 months for any string including "home loan" I
    struggle to get in the first 50. Today I checked "home loan australia" and
    we are 59th ...AND YET have a look at ...
    this site is 15th - the home page includes a full page duplication of an
    article from and not much else. It looks cheap and
    its content is paper thin. How can this be? Years of work and thousands
    of dollars and we get whacked by cheap rubbish.
    Where am I going wrong - I am desperate for ideas.


    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Jul 31 01:47PM -0400  

    less is more. ever heard that?
    universities and sites that are reputable. spreading different fresh news
    to sites.... responding to peoples blogs and they see who you are and
    putting things on your site for people to use... tools... i dunno but give
    and help people and they will come.
    just get as many good links as you can.... gets a links page. do it by hand
    and phone
    content is king.
    key worded domains work well too
    Google Expert
    Michael Wilson
    Best regards,
    Michael Wilson
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