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    "Raúl Mellado" <> Aug 22 02:19AM -0700  

    I am currently building a WordPress plugin to gather Adsense stats, so in
    my initial idea to use the API was to create an OAuth client id, and then
    select "Web application" (each user would have to do that for each WP
    However, I have just found another plugin that does a similar function, and
    the developer has a walkthrough video, where he says that to use his
    plugin, you should create an OAuth client id, and select "Installed
    application" >> Other.
    What's your view on this? Any reason why I should choose one of them over
    the other one?
    Thanks so much!


    "Jose Alcérreca (AdSense API Team)" <> Aug 22 04:30AM -0700  

    Hey Raúl,
    That's a very good question.
    My recommendation is that you use the "Web application" method. It's safer
    because it's tied to a domain. The downside is that the walk-through for
    your users has an additional step, as they would have to specify a callback
    URL in the APIs console and your plug-in would have to listen on that URL.
    The installed application method has additional steps that require to open
    a browser window and many of your users won't have access to one.
    What you should never do is distributing your client secret with the
    plugin, which is the unsafe short-cut.
    Jose Alcérreca
    Developer Relations
    Google UK Limited
    Registered Office: Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W
    Registered in England Number: 3977902
    On Thursday, 22 August 2013 10:19:26 UTC+1, Raúl Mellado wrote:


    "Raúl Mellado" <> Aug 22 06:35AM -0700  

    Thanks Jose, all clear now!
    On Thursday, August 22, 2013 1:30:38 PM UTC+2, Jose Alcérreca (AdSense API
    Team) wrote:


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