Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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    Mike Carson <> Jul 22 10:30AM -0700  

    Hi Everyone,
    I just wanted to let you know there is an excellent web developer event
    coming up in Chicago. The Joomla Developer Conference.
    The Joomla Developer Conference is a two-day, multi-track, workshop style
    conference that covers all aspects of development for the Joomla! CMS and
    Joomla! Framework. This "hands on" conference is like no other Joomla event
    that has ever taken place. This conference will provide you with the
    information and tools you need to properly develop Joomla Templates, Joomla
    Extensions, and Joomla Framework Applications in the most efficient manner.
    Learn new techniques and technologies available in the Joomla API to help
    speed up your development time.
    Find out more here


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