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mick strife <>: Jan 09 10:43AM -0800

I am a PHP developer and i want to create a script, which reads data from a
certain AdSense account of a customer.
I tried a AdSense example of google which is findable here:
However, when i try to execute the script i get the following error message:
*Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Google_Service_Exception' with message 'Error calling GET (403) Users account is pending review.'*
this was only the first line of errors.
Could someone give me a hint how to solve this? Especially what is meant with "*Users account is pending review" ?*
Many thanks!
"Dean Lukies (Adsense API Team)" <>: Jan 12 07:47AM -0800

Hi Mick,
the API think's your account is in a pending state.
First thing to try is to make the request through the api explorer while
logged in as that account -
If that works, you need to check the security setup of your PHP (start with
the client_secrets.json file and make sure the details come from the same
If that doesn't work (and indicates that the account is 'pending' ) you
should reach out to your AdSense contact to try to fix the account issue.
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