Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Daniel Marcos <>: Jan 28 10:19PM -0200

Hello everybody,
I would like to share something and ask the opinions of colleagues.
We will mount an ecommerce and we are studying the URL's format.
See this case.
The platform of the categories of division, the url will have more
categories and subcategories and the product name.
But I'm worried about excess keyword in different url in the same category.
Here's how it will look:
This same format will be repeated for the various categories of the site.
But I do not like very much, and would like to share and hear from you.
We're talking about thousands of url with countless categories with the
same keyword, and the size to be over.
What is the influence that the result of ranking?
Does great content can overcome a long url in this case, or not have to
worry about size this url linked to keyword repetition.
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