Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did you see this?


I just wanted to send this out to you in case you missed
it yesterday. just under a thousand joined us yesterday
for this amazing product and opportunity...


Below is the email I sent yesterday.


We all know just how important LIVE webinars
are if you are trying to build a loyal customer base
with any type of online business.

Well, I will keep this email very short as it is very
time sensitive.

Up until now, the number one webinar service on
the internet has been

Why did I say up until now? Well, personally
I have switched over to


Well for starters it is 1/10th the price of Gotomeeting!

Get this...

A 100 seat room is only $9.97 per month
A 500 seat room is only $17.97 per month


That is their opening week special and that is why
this email is very time sensitive, the price could
go up at any moment! has all the features of Gotomeeting
plus more...

It also has the ability to stream your webinars LIVE
on facebook!

And when people ask questions in your conference
room it will automatically invite their friends to your
live conference call or webinar!!!

Talk about hugely VIRAL..

And just incase you want a more private "paid only call"
you can turn the viral features on or off at will

Meetcheaps features are truly fantastic, I highly recommend
them and I will be personally switching all my webinars
over to this fantastic service :-)

Don't waist any time and go and check them out right now!
As you can also get a $1.00 trial today and today only
on their official opening day.


The trial is completely risk free, if you don't instantly
fall in love with the product they are also offering a
no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee!

Take advantage of this amazing amazing price now as
it will definitely not last.


(c) 2008 Global Virtual Opportunities Inc.
6701 Guada Coma Drive
Schertz Texas

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