Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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    Mani <seo.manikeshpatel@gmail.com> Jan 30 11:29PM -0800  

    Hello cliques,
    Here is some important news for us, Very crucial time.
    Now any blog hosted on blogspot.com not supported .com , now all
    blogspot.com opens with blogspot.in and google not cached like .co.cc
    sites but have some different in both .
    co.cc "Cached- not | Pr- showing "
    Blogspot.com "Pr- not any prCached- not | Pr- not any pr "
    So dude both link not benefecial for us in link building.


    ASR <manikandantvr@gmail.com> Jan 31 12:57AM -0800  

    Hello Steve,
    Hope you;re doing well. I am interested on your assignment.
    My name is Manikandan. I have 5 years of experience in SEO. Please
    share your requirement details to manikandanseo@gmail.com


    Sumit Rawat <gcswebs@gmail.com> Jan 30 06:20PM +0530  



    Barry Mandel <gnog.com@gmail.com> Jan 30 12:42PM -0500  

    I might be able to help you, can you tell me more about what your
    looking.for. Don't get banned from Google with the wrong linking building


    akshay maurya <akshaym26@gmail.com> Jan 30 12:42PM +0530  

    i thnk ur site is in google sandbox ....


    Raju B <raju7886.seo@gmail.com> Jan 30 12:46PM +0530  

    Check your site in Google Sandbox


    Sumit Rawat <gcswebs@gmail.com> Jan 30 12:48PM +0530  

    check by this command in google *site:http://www.yourwebsite.com/*
    if results appears then your website has been indexed...


    Sumit Rawat <gcswebs@gmail.com> Jan 30 11:51AM +0530  

    Re-write your Meta Description and recosider it to webmaster tool


    Rishita Kapadia <rishita.kapadia@gmail.com> Jan 30 11:43AM +0530  

    Dear All,
    Can anyone please suggest me "What is the minimum number of words per page
    as per Google Panda Update?" I want to add new pages to my site but not
    very sure about the update.


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