Monday, January 30, 2012

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    steve34 <> Jan 30 04:45AM -0800  

    Looking for a keyword targeting link builder, please contact me.


    "SEO Discovery" <> Jan 31 12:22AM +0530  

    Yes, I am interested, I have great experience in link building
    Here is package:
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    Looking for a keyword targeting link builder, please contact me.


    Biz Infotech <> Jan 29 11:08PM -0800  

    one of our website is not appearing in google since last 5 months.


    Search Marketing Specialist <> Jan 30 01:19PM +0530  

    please send me your website link we check it and reply u or call me
    Gaurav Vig
    Search Marketing Specialist
    +919465866785 | Ludhiana


    charles Murithi <> Jan 28 09:50AM +0300  

    Hi Sumit,
    Thank you very much for your response. Is the PR update going to happen any
    time soon ? How can i add relevance to may homepage Prior to that?


    ADNAN SEO <> Jan 28 12:04PM +0500  

    your inner pages are more likeable then your home page in google's eye keep
    making links as much as you can for your home page and google will give you
    the good pr in 90 days. :)


    evrimv <> Jan 29 06:21AM -0800  

    Dear friends,
    I am having a stupid but challenging problem with google apperience of
    my web page
    When I search "even enerji" at Turkish site, I get
    result at fourth line because its in Chinese!
    I tried many but could not change this.
    Does any body know why my site looks like its in chinese although it
    is in Turkish?
    How can I correct it?
    Thanks for help.


    akshay maurya <> Jan 28 12:23PM +0530  

    its ok


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