Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's grow together : Best way for alternate income

Dear friend,

I am sending this mail to you since I find it as a alternate source of income.  

I hope you won't mind if you could earn a regular income minimum to pay your monthly broadband bill.

For any payment proof, Please get back to me.

Here are the plans of earning - 
1. Rs 200 instantly FREE for Joining
2. Rs 200 for visits in a month
3. Rs 1 ($0.02) every time you login
4. Up to Rs 1000 per month rewards potential for playing Quiz, Online games, predictions etc
5. Up to Rs 20,000 for viewing ads of your interest
6. Number game Upto Rs 5 in a day
7. Improve your memory - Upto Rs 4 in a day
8. Up to 8 level referral income ( Very effective, just visit their link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i87110PqTo )

To join, Please click on following link. 

Please don't remove the refferal id 57463 during filling form. It will 
help me to create members bellow your ladder. 


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