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    Kapil Lokhande <> Jun 28 03:51PM +0530  

    Hello All,
    Greetings for the day.
    I need trainer for SEO or SEO professional who can give training on SEO in
    Pls refer your friends colleagues whom you know in Pune.
    Thanks in Advance


    kunal pawar <> Jul 06 10:01PM +0530  

    Will this training be conducted on weekends?


    Pooja Bajaj <> Jul 02 04:44PM +0530  

    Nobody know what is your problem... [?]


    jitendra singh <> Jul 02 06:35AM -0700  

    *Hi Kunal,*
    *We can host your website any server you want it will not cause any problem
    to the website. Please feel free to revert if you have any query. *
    Thanks & Regards :
    Jitendra Singh
    Mail id


    kunal pawar <> Jul 06 09:58PM +0530  

    Dear Pooja,
    In other words, no body has a solution to my problem.... :P


    Sudipta Banerjee <> Jul 05 03:40AM -0700  

    Dear All,
    I have a travel related website if anybody wants to do 3 way
    link exchange............reply me Please!!!!!!!


    mithilesh chaubey <> Jul 06 05:35PM +0530  

    Sudipta ,
    Please show me hotel/travel pr 3 + sites in less obl.


    Ammu <> Jun 27 12:34AM -0700  

    When you are starting your next online SEO training program
    On Monday, 12 December 2011 17:38:59 UTC+5:30, akbar wrote:
    > Online IM SEO Voice Chat Course. Take the benefit of Online IM SEO
    > Voice Chat Courses now and Start Search Engine Optimization Classes by
    > just one phone Call 0345-2281336 .
    On Monday, 12 December 2011 17:38:59 UTC+5:30, akbar wrote:


    Ammu <> Jun 27 12:31AM -0700  

    Respected sir/madam
    Recently i tried to market a book on mindmapping but i couldn't get a
    single keyword with high demand low competition. What i am to do in such a


    Akash Dwivedi <> Jun 25 04:58PM +0530  

    Hello Friends,
    We are looking to improve the Alexa ranking for our website and conducting
    this strategy as to test the data authenticity of Alexa.
    We need small help (just 1-2 minutes) from your side.
    Please follow the below three easy steps to help us:
    1. Install Alexa Toolbar (in case you don't have the same) from
    2. Search for any of the keywords - 'b2b portals', 'b2b portal','b2b
    marketplace', 'b2b directory'
    3. And click on's link. (You will find the link in top three
    listings only)
    And yes that's it! Your small contribution will give us the good input for
    our analysis.
    Many thanks in advance for your kind support.
    *Thank you.*
    * *
    *Best Regards,
    Akash Dwivedi


    Venkata SitaRam <> Jun 24 11:02PM +0530  

    pls provide me your requirement specification @ 9949621156


    Reg Charie <> Jun 22 08:12PM -0700  

    You have not disappeared from Google.
    SEO Chennai is #5.
    You just need to do some proper on page work.
    Contact me if you need help
    Reg Charie


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