Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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    "" <> Feb 19 04:34AM -0800  

    Hi Ash,
    Problem with that approach is that not all of your prospective clients will
    only want to have the box standard website, they might want to add
    customised stuff etc... On the other hand I´d not call myself a developer
    if the only thing I do is reskinning an existing template. Once you learn
    how to do your first template it only gets easier.
    On Monday, February 18, 2013 11:04:12 AM UTC-3, Ash wrote:


    Ben Hussenet <> Feb 19 12:44PM  

    Hi Ash,
    I totally agree with Mauricio, as not all clients will want something out
    of the box but may want something more customised and personal. I speak
    from personal experience when I say it isn't always the easiest thing in
    the world to customise wordpress outside of themes unless you are willing
    to make your own plugins to perform the functionality the client requires.
    I try to avoid using others' plugins for clients because they may become
    unsupported etc so try to do as much as possible yourself.
    Also try to avoid reskinning an exsisting template because that can also
    give errors, remember that if you do reskin to do this via a child-theme
    and not overwrite exsisting css and php files.
    Ben Hussenet


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