Saturday, May 17, 2014

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    Daniel Peregoy <> May 16 11:02AM -0700  


    I have recently changed website hosts based on a promise of excellent SEO.
    I was told what I needed to do to increase the SEO, and that it would take
    6 to 8 weeks for these things to take hold. To date I am not too happy with
    the new company.

    I was previously with a large website hosting company, for 10 to 12 years.
    I did have hits on my site on a daily basis simply from SEO that was done
    in the past. My page was outdated; I decided to change companies instead of
    updating my page with the old company.

    My question-if I switch back to the old company (I am still a customer,
    never cancelled my account but did transfer the domain to the new company's
    server) with the same domain name will I need to start over with the
    SEO? Or, will the previous SEO still be in effect as if nothing ever



    John Mathew <> May 16 03:07AM -0700  

    If Article Submission status is Waiting, so Is Give us Better result or not


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