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    Group Participant <> Dec 10 12:59AM -0800  

    I know about Associationsessions.verify in v4.1, but is there an equivalent
    to v3's getAssociationStatus in v4.1, a function where the status of a
    publisher can be checked at any time? Or does this concept no longer exist
    with the new signup flow?


    Group Participant <> Dec 10 12:04AM -0800  

    Assuming the following:
    > Publisher p1 has an adunit a1.
    > Host channel h1 is tracking data for a1.
    Is there a way via the API to discover that p1 and h1 are indirectly
    I want to generate a report for p1 for which the rows are like:
    <host channel id1> <imps and other stats>
    <host channel id2> <imps and other stats>
    <host channel id3> <imps and other stats>
    Another form, searching on host channel, which would also be usable:
    <publisher id1> <imps and other stats>
    <publisher id2> <imps and other stats>
    <publisher id3> <imps and other stats>
    Or, if all individual relations between host channels and publishers could
    be retrieved, I could just make an API call for each combination to get the
    The crux of this all being I need to get the relations. If they can't be
    accessed through the API I'll have to store them locally at the time of
    their creation, something I don't want to have to build new code to support.


    Group Participant <> Dec 09 11:29PM -0800  

    I seem to be getting stuck trying to specify the id field. I've tried
    integers and strings and combinations of the two. Is there a standard
    Also, I assume that there is no documentation listing all valid values for
    properties in the request body for Accounts.adunits.insert, but let me just
    say that having this documented would be a big help.


    Group Participant <> Dec 09 04:22PM -0800  

    On your message from the 6th, you wrote
    You will be able to access the same data, but not with the old channels.
    The gist of your message below seems to be
    you won't be able to access d1_v3 with Reports.generate from v4.1
    which appears to me to contradict the earlier message, saying that I will
    *not* be able to access the same data, with either old channels or new
    Can you tell me what I'm missing here?
    About this suggestion,
    you may need to merge "old" and "new" data
    can you give a hint as to where this method is explained in the
    documentation? Or if there is no online documentation, could you give
    brief instructions on merging data, and maybe also an explanation as to
    what you mean by merging data? I don't recall seeing anything in the
    Adsense docs about that topic.
    2012年12月7日金曜日 20時33分53秒 UTC+9 Jose Alcérreca (AdSense API Team):


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