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    Binaek Sarkar <> Nov 12 05:05PM +0530  

    Hello people. How's everybody?
    I have been developing a website for the company I am currently working in.
    The designer's father expired and now its upon my shoulders to finish this
    within the next two days. And now I am presented with a strange (though not
    unexpected problem. I am sure pretty all web designer have gone mad over
    this at least once in life).
    The website renders normally in *Chrome*. However, when i open it in IE 7
    and below, it fails miserably.
    I have tested it in IE8 and it displays properly. Therefore I am assuming
    that it will also function properly in IE9 & IE10 (though I am not exactly
    sure how correct this assumption is - as I do not have access to these
    Anyways, coming back to the point - *HELP!!!*
    The URL is:
    PS: This is my private server and not the company server. And the *URL is
    Thank you
    Binaek Sarkar


    chris walker <> Nov 12 08:48PM +0800  

    Before you really go crazy, try installing the modernizr.js script and
    seeing if that helps.


    Binaek Sarkar <> Nov 12 06:33PM +0530  

    Nope... Modernizr doesn't work..
    I tried it only in the homepage. And the page didn't even show any sign of
    remorse that its making me work on it so much...
    Binaek Sarkar


    Liam Kenneth <> Nov 12 02:13PM  

    modernizr dont do shit just gives you classes to style if a browser is
    missing a feature, but this may help:


    C Parthapratim <> Nov 12 10:10AM -0800  

    First, .eot never worked smoothly with any version of IE.
    Have you tried removing the Chrome specific CSS elements like this?
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen"
    And BTW, I have removed IE from my computer, for it is the crappiest
    browser I have ever seen. IE's market share is NOT that big any more to be
    worried about such display issue.
    On Monday, November 12, 2012 5:05:49 PM UTC+5:30, Binaek Sarkar wrote:


    Binaek Sarkar <> Nov 14 03:15PM +0530  

    @Liam ::
    I tried to get IE to behave properly by using the JS extensions, but its a
    real arrogant SOB... Couldn't get it to work...
    I could try by reslicing the PSDs and redoing the HTML, but that would
    entail a lot of work and the release is due tomorrow (ie, 0000 hours IST,
    14th Nov)... Even if I worked day in day out, I won't be able to get it
    Any ideas?
    @Parthapratim ::
    *First, .eot never worked smoothly with any version of IE.*
    As far as I know, IE works with .eot files only. It cannot parse .TTF or
    any other font format. I think its one of those Microsoft monopoly gimmicks
    that they pull every now and then. We tried TTF, OTF and even WOFF, but
    none of them seem to work.
    *Have you tried removing the Chrome specific CSS elements like this? *
    *<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen"
    The CSS style sheet you mentioned is specific to some particular Chrome
    extension and will be there if and only if the visitor is using chrome,
    with that extension installed. This line (emphasized) won't show up if you
    open the same page in IE or Firefox or any other browser you care to open
    in. Moreover, these extension specific CSS use a very specific naming
    convention so that nomenclature conflict does not occur.
    *And BTW, I have removed IE from my computer, for it is the crappiest
    browser I have ever seen. IE's market share is NOT that big any more to be
    worried about such display issue.*
    I agree with you that IE does not exactly offer one of the pleasing
    experiences when it comes to web browsing (may be not to such a high
    degree, but mostly there)... However, it is not a question of the market
    share of the browser - its about the interoperability. If it is not opening
    in IE, that means something is wrong and I don't think its a good idea to
    release a buggy website. After all, IT IS our bread and butter.
    Binaek Sarkar


    chris walker <> Nov 14 06:08PM +0800  

    More important than the market share of Internet explorer is who that
    market share is. Government agencies do not allow anything other than
    secure browsers on their networks. That eliminates Firefox, chrome, and
    other browsers. It is the same thing with smartphone apps. The only
    approved devices are blackberries, which compared to ios and android, is
    suitable only as a paperweight.
    If you are building a site that is of any relevance, it will need to be
    compliant for those 3%ers. Those websites that have a target market of the
    3% are also the best pay days for us fetching many times the budget of
    vanity sites.


    Binaek Sarkar <> Nov 14 04:07PM +0530  

    Agreed. I faced the same problem. I have a tendency of testing my HTML in
    Chrome because of the neat Developer Tools that it offers. And the thing is
    working perfectly in Chrome. However, the designer uses IE [:-)]...
    He was the one who pointed out the flaw after about 3 rounds of HTMLising.
    Anyways, I tried every possible plugin (JS and CSS) to get this thing to
    work, but none of it seems to help. Any ideas???
    Binaek Sarkar


    Binaek Sarkar <> Nov 15 07:54PM +0530  

    I solved the problem.
    I never imagined it would be this easy and also that IE would be such a
    lousy browser.
    Since the layout is table based, its got a plethora of Table cells. Each
    cell containing an image.
    Now, what was happening was that after the *img *tag, ideally the
    *td*should end, ie
    However, for readability, the HTMLizer left a newline after each *img *tag.
    How angel of him !!!
    Now IE was parsing this newline as a *text-node *in the DOM and leaving
    space for it.
    I had to manually remove all those newlines for it to work eventually...
    Binaek Sarkar


    C Parthapratim <> Nov 15 09:22AM -0800  

    Well, congrats, and at least you are convinced that IE is lousy! :)
    On Thursday, November 15, 2012 7:55:12 PM UTC+5:30, Binaek Sarkar wrote:


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