Friday, May 24, 2013

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    Jim Newberry <> May 21 03:08PM -0700  

    I've been searching for a group to discuss Google + Places/Business issues,
    but can't find one. Sorry to post here, but could someone point me to the
    relevant group? My specific issue: I can't find where to upload banner for
    my business places listing. I easily found it for my personal G+ page, and
    although I can upload photos to my G+ business page, I don't see where I
    can upload the banner (currently it shows the Google map). My page:


    Jim Newberry <> May 21 03:15PM -0700  

    I've searched but can't find a Google Places group--could someone direct me
    to the relevant group for Google Places/Business questions?


    Jim Newberry <> May 22 09:24PM -0700  

    I'm a freelance photographer. My main site <> has
    my portfolio and bio. I also have a photo blog<>.
    I'm thinking it would probably help with SEO if the blog is part of my main
    site. The blog is updated much more frequently than the portfolio site, and
    there is a lot more text and other information. The main downside I see, is
    that my blog--which I've been regularly posting to for several years--will
    have dead links. It's not good form to have duplicate content on two sites,
    I'd appreciate hearing any advice about this. Particularly whether this is
    a good idea or not (again, mainly thinking of SEO), but also what to do
    about dead links to the blog if I merge the two sites, and anything else
    that comes to mind. Thanks!


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