Monday, May 27, 2013

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    Valentin Tunev <> May 26 05:26PM -0700  

    Hey Ash,
    The guys above mentioned most of the stuff I wanted to say but I want to
    add just one more thing. It might be a bit harder than expected. Also if
    you are aiming to provide a good quality service to your customers you
    should make sure the templates/themes etc. are working 100% and maybe even
    make them responsive/retina ready and all the other jazz. All that stuff
    takes some time to master. I myself haven't mastered it myself but I have
    been learning for some time now.
    On Monday, 18 February 2013 14:04:12 UTC, Ash wrote:


    Pixelita Designs <> May 26 05:46PM -0700  

    Do not become a jack of all trades; master of none. Choose two or three
    CMSes and focus on only those; master them. And learn to CODE straight
    from a text editor. In other words, don't rely on WYSIWYG editors
    exclusively, such as Dreamweaver. You need to know just a bit to be able
    to tweak and customize templates. For example, you don't need to know how
    to rebuild the engine in your car, but you should know how to change the
    oil and replace brake pads (even I know how to do those things and I am a
    girl!), especially if you plan to make aliving at it. Start with baby
    steps with WordPress and learn and grow. I usually learn some new trick or
    technique with each project I do. You never stop larning. But you will
    make yourself nuts ify ou try to learn -- let alone master -- every CMS out
    there. These, IMHO, are the big players now: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!,
    CMS Made Simple, Concrete 5, Expression Engine.
    Ultimately, what the client wants and needs -- and his budget -- are what
    will drive the decisions (1) Do we want to use a CMS, and (2) if so, which
    one do we choose? Bear in mind that you can subcontract things you don't
    know or don't want to know to others whose specialty that is so that you
    don't completely lose the client.
    On Monday, February 18, 2013 8:04:12 AM UTC-6, Ash wrote:


    Joey Daly <> May 27 12:19PM +1000  

    Check out underscores, I've used it recently and highly recommend it


    Valentin Tunev <> May 26 05:20PM -0700  

    As Joni said your best bet is to focus on an e-commerce CMS. You can find a
    list of open source one's here:
    Techically it is possible to make an e-commerce website using wordpress but
    it's require a lot of modification and fiddling and it my compromise the
    security of the website.
    On Sunday, 10 March 2013 21:33:58 UTC, galsaba wrote:


    Valentin Tunev <> May 26 05:16PM -0700  

    The themes on are well supported,
    and community and staff approved.
    Also, I am sure you can ask the seller if he is willing to support the
    On Thursday, 14 March 2013 16:16:15 UTC, galsaba wrote:


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