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    Chris Walker <customsitepro@gmail.com> May 27 10:50PM +0800  

    Once again, sage advice from Joni. Read it once, read it twice, read it
    until it sinks in. Being a web developer is a multifaceted occupation
    with many skillsets, not all of which you will excel in. If you are a
    coder, then you will benefit from using the basic designs of a template
    creator and doing your modifications to make it your own (or contracting
    with someone that can). If you are a visually talented person, you will
    benefit from using the code of someone to do what you need under the
    hood. The way technology moves literally at the speed of light, you
    cannot possibly be an expert in all disciplines. Use due diligence when
    selecting tools to use in development. If you are using code created by
    someone else, do not put a beta version on your production site. Use
    time tested, proven code, plugins, and templates to work from. If you
    are able to improve upon what someone else has created, share it with
    the development team and become part of the community.
    I laugh when I read things that purists/elitists/ubergeeks spout about
    templates. At the risk of sounding like President Obama, I will respond
    in kind:
    **If you use php***, YOU DIDN'T DEVELOP THAT!
    ****If you use *****html***, YOU DIDN'T DEVELOP THAT!
    ****If you use *javascript***, YOU DIDN'T DEVELOP THAT!
    ****If you use *flash***, YOU DIDN'T DEVELOP THAT!
    ****If you use *****css***, YOU DIDN'T DEVELOP THAT!
    ****If you use *python***, YOU DIDN'T DEVELOP THAT!*
    ***If you use *****ruby***, YOU DIDN'T DEVELOP THAT!
    ****If you use *C+ or any other programming language to build a website,
    by your own statements, YOU DIDN'T DEVELOP THAT!**Someone else developed
    that! How dare you call yourself a web developer**. Shame on you, stop
    what you are doing and code in Swahili or Klingon*.
    I had a very wise teacher tell me "It is not important to know
    everything, but it is important to know how to find the answers and
    apply them to accomplish what you need to do". That is why open source
    is a great approach. Other people have created, with the input of
    others, useful tools for others to use in developing sites that work. As
    a developer in this highly competitive market where the "dollar a day"
    crowd is sucking the profit out of the industry, a smart developer knows
    how to take a framework, snippets, plugins, templates, and some
    innovations of their own and create a custom site that is engineered to
    do what the client wants. If you are developing every site from scratch
    in Klingon to preserver your integrity, you are not making any money
    because clients are not willing to pay you $50 to $100 an hour to
    re-invent the wheel.
    As a developer, our job is to understand what the client needs, come up
    with a plan, use the tools applicable for the job, and make it work.
    Work smart, not hard.


    Artist <sitepro@gmail.com> May 28 12:05AM -0500  

    As an artist I have gotten some great advice from my graphic design
    professor in college... "If you are smart you will use all tools available
    to you."
    In a way I have been a jack of all trades , but I have also been
    specialist. That is, I know some HTML & CSS coding so that I can stay
    search engine friendly, disabilities friendly and more importantly
    standards compliant. I know a bit about using php & javascript frameworks,
    I utilize CMS apps and other apps to offer more that are also standards
    I try to use the best practices in coding, in graphic design, in
    I know Photoshop & Illustrator, how to use, enhance, customize, correct and
    tweak works with them.
    I utilize Dreamweaver and other tools to create mockups that need to be
    recoded but allow me quick visualization.
    But I don't write any logic code, I am strictly a graphics & UI man.
    I am an artist first, a graphic designer second, but I know how to create
    the best image... then from that I pull the most appropriate for web
    media... which is never the same. It's always a compromise. But I offer
    quality with speed (optimized graphics).
    Still, in a studio at least 3 or 4 people would be doing the same work I
    do. So I have tp be a Jack of All Trades if I want to survive. But I will
    farm out some stuff with CMSes, scripts, certain templates, stock
    photography, etc...
    But one thing to remember with templates... I know, I sell them myself...
    is that most are crap and almost all of them need to be recoded. Some are
    just too old, but some were actually coded improperly. Try to employ best
    use of standards compliant design, always.
    That said, I have spread myself too thin the past year. I am a bad PC Tech
    and am still syruggling to recover an important backup. It has made my
    life miserable but I keep getting closer with each recovery attempt. That
    said, the techs would have lost everything. I had no choice but to take
    the care needed by the owner to do it right.
    I hope I will get there this time. It will take a couple of days before I
    either succeed or try again. Wish me luck.


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