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    Varon Sewsunker <> May 28 06:58AM -0700  

    Hey every1, I have a new website and im kinda the only 1 that's using it
    currently, how is it that it has an alexa rank of 2 million? pls check it
    out and let me know if im correct, link is sa airports<>


    Jay Bale <> May 29 10:59AM -0400  

    It happens quite often. Alexa is only a crude measurement and it is filled
    with flaws that will result in ridiculous numbers on occasion.
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    Hery <> May 23 09:16PM -0700  

    Hi all..My name's Hery..Sorry if my english is terrible but I hope You can
    understand my words..
    I have a problem which I hope somebody could help me.. Since yesterday my
    site has dropped in google search result...
    After i check in google with site : my site url I found that lots of my
    blog posts ar gone..They are ignored from google index but still indexed.
    For example this url is
    still indexed even got relatively good rank but it's not included when i
    search with this "site :"
    It's so weird since my blog posts are original with 300-700 words..
    So.. Would you please tell me why this happen and how to fix this and how
    to get better rank for my site..?
    Any help and advice are appreciated...
    Thank you very much..


    Hery <> May 23 08:58PM -0700  

    Hi all..My name's Hery..Fisrt of all..I'm so sorry my english is
    terrible..;) But I hope you can understand my words..
    I have a big broplem and I hove somebodey wioull help me ..Since yesterday
    my site dropped in google search
    result..Not too much but it affect the traffic..Then I try to search in
    google site:my site url then I surprice since many pages of my site are
    gone including the blog post wich have 300-600 original words articles. SO..
    But when i check the blog post url in google..For example : They
    are still indexed..They even get relatively good rank in serp. So I really
    wonder.. Why this happen...? Please somebody tell me why this happen and
    what I have to do to fix this...? I appreciate any help or advice...
    Thank You Very Much..


    chris sammut <> May 24 12:45AM -0700  

    I have which contains a number of sections of content, a
    section of which (i.e., we would like to move to a
    new domain
    Definitely we will ensure that a redirect strategy is in place and that we
    submit a sitemap for SiteB
    *Two Questions*
    *1. Since we are only moving part of SiteA to SiteB, is there another way
    of telling Google that we changed address for that section or are the 301s
    *2. Currently, Section A (under SiteA) contains a subsection where we were
    posting an article a day. In the new site (SiteB), we decided to drop this
    subsection and write content (but not "exactly" the same content) under a
    new section. **During migration, how should we handle the subsection that
    we have decided to stop writing?*
    Should we:
    A. Import the content into SiteB and call it archives and then redirect all
    the urls from subsection under SiteA to the archives under SiteB?
    B. Do not move the content but redirect all the pages (365 in total) to
    where we think the user would be more interested in going to on SiteB?
    Note: A colleague of mine is worried that since the subsection has good
    content he thinks its necessary to actually move the content to SiteB. But
    again, looking at the views for the archives it caters for 1% of the the
    total views of this section. In other words, people only view the article
    on the day it is written.
    I hope I was clear :)
    Your help is appreciated
    Thank you


    Varon Sewsunker <> May 28 06:54AM -0700  

    how come my site that doesn't have any users still have an alexa ranking of
    2million? check it out pls sa airports <>.
    On Monday, May 20, 2013 5:47:03 PM UTC+2, michael wilson wrote:


    Lynn Ferguson-Pinet <> May 28 12:36PM -0700  

    We completely revamped our site last year and had a lot of quality inbound
    links to the old site which we managed through 301 redirects.
    Unfortunately recently an update to the wordpress blog I have attached to
    the site, wiped out my 301 redirect file.

    I saw my rankings drop gradually over the month (was previously in 3rd,
    4th, or 5th position for key terms like "Toronto Team Building" and I'm now
    down to the bottom of page one or top of page 2, I couldn't figure out
    what was going on. I finally figured it out after a month and re-instated
    the 301 redirects. Is there any way to regain my previous level or
    credibility or do I need to wait for the cycle to go through and find the
    links again?

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Sarum Knight <> May 28 01:03PM -0700  

    I am working for a client "heat transfer paper" is his biggest keyword
    combo. The recent changes to google now result in his
    main competitors site being listed for the top 4 results. Is this what
    google intended to do with their update to search...seems kind of illogical.


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