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    nu83boston@gmail.com Apr 30 08:07PM -0700  

    Why does Google allow PissedConsumer.com to rank so highly? Clearly this
    is an extortion site. Once your in their sites their PissedConsumer review
    turns up on page 1 Google and the only way to deal with it is to pay
    PissedConsumer.com a monthly fee to manage your bad reviews.
    http://www.pissedconsumer.com/business-solutions.html This is in sane!
    While doing some homework attempting to figure out how they get away with
    this I found this detailed summary on how PissedConsumer.com is scamming
    and spamming the search engines to get high ranking. Have look at this
    article here:
    For those not tech savvy here is what they are doing in a nut shell:
    - Google ranks sites (page 1 verses page 2) based on the relevance of
    inbound links.
    - Pissed Consumer bought lots of other websites (RipOffReport is one of
    hundreds) and places links from RipOffReport to PissedConsumer
    - Google sees these links and thinks RipOff is relevant to a Pissed Off
    Consumer - so they give them ranking credit. (highly simplified, but you
    - PissedConsumer then charges the business mentioned in their
    PissedConsumer report to help manage their poor reputation for a monthly
    fee. Think I'm kidding? Have a look for yourself:
    Think of the thousands of large companies paying PissedConsumer $250/month
    to "manage" their consumer comments? Can you say extortion?
    Pissed Consumer = Web Extortion - it is that simple.
    I think ever business in America should block Google on their firewall
    until they get their act together on this one.


    Jay Bale <jay@jaybale.com> May 13 04:51PM -0400  

    You answered the question perfectly. You are correct in all assumptions in
    my book. I do however believe Google will take care of the issue very soon.
    Penguin 2.0 may be the answer.
    It gets much worse if I may so.
    Image someone you cant identify makes a huge site about how bad your
    company sucks, then goes and gets it to climb in the organic serps under
    your business name. A few months later, the site is magically for sale, and
    the company being extorted is the only one that has a interest in the site.
    Pure extortion 100%. If Google does not a get a handle on this it may
    spiral even worse and very soon.
    Private email me to see this extortion I speak of - I don't want too much
    attention going to it.
    I'm glad to see some raving about this, it's about time.
    Jay Bale SEO
    Jay Bale SEO
    Jay Bale and Associates
    Google Ecommerce Development
    Group Manager, Google SEO 1
    122 S. Main Suite 290
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1925 USA
    Cell: 734-646-7694
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    "sao.sangmo" <sao.sangmo@gmail.com> May 13 12:30PM -0700  

    I have built many backlinks to promote 2 keywords on my site. One is "cau
    truc", another is "crane".
    Two words are the same in each language.
    But only "cau truc" is on top 3 at google.com.vn.
    The "crane" is not top 100 at google.com.vn.
    Please guide me more if I do something wrong.
    My site: http://www.megastarenc.com.vn


    Reg Charie <reg.charie@gmail.com> May 13 10:41AM -0700  

    Your site is top heavy with ads and probably falls into the Google "top
    heavy" penalty.
    On Sunday, April 28, 2013 9:07:07 PM UTC-7, zhang soccervip wrote:


    Reg Charie <reg.charie@gmail.com> May 13 10:37AM -0700  

    You are #1 for
    Central Heating Leeds
    Good job.


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