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    JJ Spelman <jjspelman@gmail.com> Jul 22 10:16AM -0700  

    Hi There,
    I am a bit nervous about the prospect of converting a static HTML site to
    either a WordPress or Joomla site due to the fear of losing SERP position.
    Currently the site in question is enjoying a #2 and #10 spot for 2 search
    terms. Both on page 1.
    The site needs to be updated to allow for data base integration and also to
    finally go to a responsive format.
    Does anyone have any feedback on their experiences with this transition and
    the best way to maintain the same positioning?
    I have done this before but with mixed results.
    Of course the 301 redirects will naturally be done, but what other steps
    might one take?
    Thanks in advance!


    Saurabh link <saurabh.wildnet@gmail.com> Jul 16 10:49PM +0530  

    Hi Rohan,
    i have 5 yr experience in SEO. i will help you. first make presence in
    search engine of your site. then you need to install google analytics and
    webmaster ..then verify it..
    after that..keyword analysis, then u will do further on page activities..
    Meta tag implementation...etc..


    "Jacobo U. M." <jacobourquides@gmail.com> Jul 16 10:56AM -0700  

    Hello, i did my part on my site.... using titles, meta description,
    metakeywords, and that is not too much for google results on search
    engine... is not working, still showing the old text-data (changed 1 week
    ago). I call the crawls to visit me on webmasters tool, but still not
    On my site-search-results is not showing the metadescription,
    What can i do? Am i doin it wrong? sorry for my english, im seo
    Really need help im a totally web-based bussines.
    i really appreciate the time that it takes to answer me ...


    "Jacobo U. M." <jacobourquides@gmail.com> Jul 16 11:01AM -0700  

    Is it ok to start my linkbuilding campaing ? my website is brand new and i
    want no mistakes... so....
    i need visitors that convert, so... is it good to start? and if i start...
    have to start aggresive? or slowly?
    did exists red lights on this get-visitors-method? do i have to be careful?
    in what?
    if i have to appear on news sites (related to my bussines) do i have to
    write differents theme for every post? or do i have to write same text in


    Chris Wheeler <chris@metalfrog.co.uk> Jul 17 01:13AM -0700  

    A pretty exhaustive list here. Good work. The only thing I think I would
    add is that no matter what tools you have, the main thrust with SEO in 2013
    has to be a combination of tools, developer code knowledge, competitor
    analysis and no little common sense. We prefer to be leaders rather than
    followers in SEO and Link Building and for this reason we use a variety of
    techniques and tools. Good post.
    On Monday, 5 March 2007 21:16:39 UTC, SEOExpert wrote:


    Meenakshi Garg <avato12345@gmail.com> Jul 21 09:56PM -0700  

    I have an educational website , I was ranked on first page of google for
    most of my targetted keywords in first half of may, After 23rd May update ,
    my traffic dropped , I never did
    - Black hat seo
    - no spammy links
    - never purchased any link .

    Followed all webmaster guidelines , Still I could have manged with this
    traffic drop , if sites better then my site are placed above me ,By
    better I mean
    - better in terms of content
    - in terms of on-site SEO
    - in terms of link buliding

    Please write Computer Networking MCQ and check in google , on what basis
    google is listing sites .
    am not able to understand, feeling really disappointing ,
    same thing happened for all of my keywords.


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