Sunday, July 14, 2013

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    Indus <> Jul 13 07:49PM -0700  

    I am looking NGINX Lead /developers For Noida and SF-CA USA for my client
    based in San Francisco Silicon Valley CA USA. Pls see if your profile
    relevant for following
    Our client is the leading provider of Telecom software product and
    solutions, Healthcare software products and solution services, Enterprise
    Verticals and Mobility solutions in Video Streaming/Multimedia Technology
    in iOS/Android Platform.
    Candidate should must have US Citizen, PR or GC holder or EAD/H1B with min.
    2.5 yrs validity to work in US
    Pls send me profile on or,
    [1]. Strong JAVA/J2EE background with hands on working experience
    [2]. In depth understanding of NGINx webserver architecture and its
    [3]. Working knowledge of HTTP, SMTP, POP and IMAP protocols
    [4]. Working knowledge of NGINx concurrency and performance/scalability
    optimizations in a large scale deployment
    [5]. Working knowledge of HTTP proxy, load balancer and fault-tolerance
    [6]. Overall Experience 6-7 yrs
    Surya B Singh
    Director -India & US Recruitment
    Indus Consulting
    SBS Consulting
    (IT Service Provider)
    Telecom-Healthcare - Mobility-BFSI
    +91- 98 111 07 008(Cell)


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