Thursday, July 11, 2013

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    Pretty Woman <> Jul 09 10:57PM -0700  

    Hello guys,
    I have an e-commerce website on which i have installed universal google
    analytics code. It started tracking visitors but the problem is it failed
    to verify ownership with Webmaster tools. It says "The Google Analytics
    tracking code on your site looks malformed." However when i tried another
    method for verification (HTML file upload on root), it successfully
    completed verification. Note that i have not installed classic google
    analytics code on site. Is it compulsory to install classic one to verify
    ownership at Webmaster tools? Quick answer awaited..
    Thanks in advance..


    allion william <> Jul 10 03:13AM -0700  

    My website last week rank all the keywords first and second pages. But
    today I checked ranks all are dropped to 10 to 12th pages. I checked the on
    page its fine. But I gave to Link building for my brother forums and
    social. Doing more link building is that issue for these days? How can I
    recover it? pls help


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