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    Nabeel Saleem <> Jul 26 11:12PM +0500  

    how will you start linkbuilding by which method?


    Alex Bungener <> Jul 26 06:22PM -0700  

    Here is the scenario.
    An attorney wants to transition from legal representation for divorces to
    divorce mediation services. He is looking at having a separate website for
    the divorce mediation services. He has his law practice website with
    FindLaw. Their sales rep told him that having this new site would hurt his
    existing webiste's SEO success and the new one would not get the same SEO
    juice like his existing site does.
    If his attorney website now doesn't mention anything about him providing
    divorce mediation is the sales reps statement accurate? Please give a
    detailed explanation.


    Taieb BACCOUCH <> Jul 26 05:49AM -0700  

    hello, am using joomla 2.5. i have a large list of urls that ends with
    print=1, i want to block them all with robot.txt. how can i can do that
    with a little code


    "Pavel Trešo" <> Jul 26 11:22PM -0700  

    We have loaded product videos on youtube for our e-shop (short videos
    showing product details) They are loaded through embed in our e-shop with
    specific product. With each video (in description part) there is a link for
    homepage shop inserted in this form http://domain.xx/.
    Youtube automatically inserting "nofollow", but we can see those references
    for example through webmaster tools.
    Is there a possibility to have negative effect to SEO, if there are lots of
    references comimg from youtube? We are talking about hundrets videos.


    Craig Pike <> Jul 28 06:00PM -0700  

    My website is Been around since 2007. The blog is Wordpress.
    I've got a bunch of questions... I'll narrow it down to TWO:
    I wrote a story about "Ford Falcon Shelby Drop"
    The title in Wordpress is: Ford Falcon Shelby Drop How-To: Handle it!
    In the "All in one SEO Pack" plugin, the meta title for Google Search
    is: Ford Falcon Shelby Drop How-To
    Every picture has the file name:
    Then when I search in Google for "Falcon Shelby Drop" why am I on page 1 or
    2 for this very specific search?
    Link to story:
    Also, I wrote this story:
    When I search "Phoenix custom paint", want this story to be found because
    it's a warning NOT to use this painter.
    But, my page, the original content, is found BELOW a forum linking to my
    YET, in both cases, pictures for my website are #1 in Google image search.
    (of course that's no help since Google made changes to image search. I'm
    down 60% in image search referrals since then)
    Thank you for any advice!


    ryan h <> Jul 24 04:32PM -0700  

    I have a problem with a page that is not displaying the content of the
    <title></title> tags in the search results.
    When you visit the page in question ( ), the title displays
    perfectly, as does the description. However if you have a look at the
    search results by searching( ),
    the majority of the title is missing and is replaced by a number "1" . The
    page does contain paginated content on it, however I can't see how this
    would be the cause for this issue.
    I have tried using Google's Webmaster Tools to fetch the page and I have
    check the html that way and the code does in fact contain the correct
    <title> information,
    so I just don't understand what is causing this issue. If anyone could shed
    some light on what the problem is and how it rectify it, I would be
    extremely grateful !
    Thanks in advance,


    web master <> Jul 25 05:38AM -0700  

    My hosting provider has an instant URL pointing to my primary site and I
    have my own domain also. Eg. and "s1***".
    Google is indexing both the URLs and showing both sites content in the
    search result.
    I have blocked the sitelink of instantURL website in my primary site google
    webmaster account. Will this effect the sitelink of my primary site. How do
    I get the duplicate content issue getting created because of instanturl.
    Please do the needful.


    Enrico Rella <> Jul 30 02:39AM -0700  

    Hello everybody i want to ask you one thing....
    For you, Does exist a link building method that allow that your website is
    in first or second page after 5 days or 24h??
    I mean a link building that google listen in 24 h?


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