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    Rohan <> Jul 11 06:50PM -0700  

    I'm completely new to SEO. My Assignment is bring the web page to first
    page of google. Please suggest.
    Thank you,


    M <> Jul 16 07:45AM -0700  

    First things is first. Make sure Google analytics, Google Webmaster Tools,
    and Google Adwords are all active. If you have not make sure your site is
    submitted to Google for indexing<>.
    Also that a proper xml sitemap is submitted via Webmaster tools<>.

    These days content is king. Try hosting high value news/industry articles
    that are unique and compliment your site. Additionally if you do not
    already have a blog/twitter/fb/etc./etc. these would be good channel's
    assuming you have time and energy to generate credible content.
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    On Thursday, July 11, 2013 8:50:14 PM UTC-5, Rohan wrote:


    Rob May <> Jul 16 12:06PM -0400  

    You have a monumental project ahead of you to say the least!! I would start reading some basic books on SEO, and then looking over your website, compared to others and ask 1 question:
    How can I make my site better?
    Sorry you have been burdened with this, with absolutely no experience.
    Rob May
    Direct: 819-212-1594


    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Jul 16 01:11PM -0400  

    Hi guys! I'm the group founder.... The guy they call Seo expert.... Anyway let me show you how wonderful Google is.
    Rohan it's a beautiful project. One that can change the world! Never doubt that!
    Now let explain... Google wants to give everyone first page and they make it so simple. I have got # 1 in less than 24 hrs and its still there #1 and it will stay there as long as I keep working at it and most important follow Google guidelines! Don't do anything that's not allowed. Google is so kind that it actually gives you tips as you go if you knew what to look for.
    I guess you'd like the Betty Crocker recipe about now.
    1-Get a Domain with the exact key words in it. Like geuss what they sell?
    Or .ca .net
    If possible buy one that is old. Long storey another time. But remember it works faster and better if the key words are there.
    2- Get a hosting account at Say and tell bob the owner who is the greatest guy to keep your names safe to give you a dedicated IP address on it cost is all under a hundred bucks a year.
    Oh and full out a survey cus it helps bob hire the best dang bunch of helpful people.
    3- get a free Wordpress site. Stay away from any Seo plugins. Just do as google says.
    Chose 1 long enough main heading IE: H1
    Seo expert is a Canadian search engine optimization company.
    See how I have some main key phrases on there?
    The index page is like a table of contents in a book ... Get it?
    Focus on 8 key terms and write 200 words on each with a hyperlink containing that key phrase in there sub H2 tag.
    As soon as you get that part done its time to tell our lovely little Google bot that you are born.
    In google search type the domain u bought
    And that's it! Google will have understood.
    Next day usually it's there.
    Add focused pages of content! Never steal content. And write properly! Google Bot is actually starting to think so no garbled gook... He doesn't like that.
    Content is KING!
    Ask anyone to help you write clear focused articles.
    People will find you and link to you. Don't stress about it. Submit some press release and articles about your site and get the word out that you have and geuss what ... People do type fluffiest bunnies .... I think your understanding right?
    In conclusion
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    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Jul 16 01:32PM -0400  

    Sorry my 4 year old just hit send.
    In conclusion I was saying write articles that people would be interested in. Guess what Google wants the best articles products services etc on page one. So follow the rules.... And please stay away from any Black Hat Seo. Show Google you are working hard.... Remember 1 focused idea or phrase per page
    Title tag
    Description tag
    Like that.
    A. A
    M '
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    Madhumita Santra <> Jul 11 08:25PM +0530  

    Send me your website ... I will check teh backlinks ... whoever is doing
    your link building should know about the Search Engine algorithm update
    also ask for a complete work report till date. This will help us determine
    the cause better
    On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 3:43 PM, allion william
    Madhumita Santra


    Google Expert Michael Wilson <> Jul 16 11:21AM -0400  

    Remove any bad links. Sounds like you got into a bad neighbourhood.
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    M <> Jul 16 07:38AM -0700  

    Think of the HTML site map as a guide for users of your site. It is a way
    to discover your site from a top down approach. You may have very very few
    people use this but it is perceived both by users and Google as additional
    path(s) through your site. If you have the energy to create this it will
    not be a detriment.
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    On Sunday, July 14, 2013 3:36:59 AM UTC-5, Pompey123 wrote:


    M <> Jul 16 07:50AM -0700  

    However, if you #hastag a topic it is searchable via twitter by the #term.
    Additionally, if you @someone the tweet will appear on their feed and is
    viewable to their followers.
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    My Electrical Parts <> Site
    On Tuesday, July 2, 2013 11:48:27 PM UTC-5, Khalilur Rahman wrote:


    Advenser <> Jul 15 12:16AM -0700  

    My site is cached by Google bot like my domain name /URL with '?referer=www
    clickfind com au'. How it happened? Could anyone please give me the idea to
    solve this issue


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