Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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    Gustavo Fritsch <frittt@gmail.com> Sep 07 07:56PM -0700  

    Hello, all!
    I'm struggling very hard to make my site show up on Google search... it
    seems like it is not even crawling on it :/
    The site (http://codex.elementalsw.com.br) cannot be found by Google by any
    means... What I have done so far:
    - Subscribed to Google Webmasters and sent indexing requests
    - Added "description" and "keyword" meta-tags
    - Since my website is Ajax-based, I followed Google's Ajax guidelines (
    - Added a sitemap.xml to it.
    - Rewritten all text across it to contain searchable words
    Unfortunately, it is all in Portuguese, so I believe many of you won't be
    able to understand, but for the record, it is a promotional site for a
    digital menu for Android.
    I believe it is not a semantic/keyword problem, since even with a
    "site:codex.elementalsw.com.br" search on Google, I get 0 results.
    Am I missing something here?
    Thank you for your time!


    rajesh kumar <rajkum00@gmail.com> Sep 04 07:29PM +0530  

    *Thanks & Regards*


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