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    jaanu k <> Sep 12 05:43AM -0700  

    i need list of social bookmarking sites

    On Tuesday, March 6, 2007 2:46:39 AM UTC+5:30, SEOExpert wrote:


    Brandon Lipani <> Sep 12 06:52AM -0700  

    Just wondering why my website with over 10,000 hits a month is still at
    page rank of 2. My site is a wordpress site
    with podpress and simple machine forums which all are indexed by google I
    have strong backlinks but yet I just can not get passed a page 2 ranking.
    Even my podcast does very well even though I know that has nothing to do
    with page ranking I still have lots of traffic. Not sure why I am
    struggling with this page 2 ranking. Does anyone have any ideas?


    Brandon Lipani <> Sep 10 07:57AM -0700  

    I have a question I have a website I have a
    level 2 pageranking. I get about 10,000 page views a month between the blog
    and forums. I have a podcast also that's hosted from that site we have
    about 250 - 500 listeners a week and I am still at level 2 pagerank. My
    friend has a website that gets less traffic then mine as he is at a level 4
    page rank. I use wordpress / simple machine forums and podpress all my
    pages are indexed according to my webmaster tools and my google analytic. I
    was wondering what I was doing wrong or if there is something else I should
    be doing to better my page rank I have been at level 2 for almost a year
    and 68% of my traffic comes from google search. Thanks.


    MickD <> Sep 11 06:35PM -0700  

    My question is about reducing duplicate content which I seem to be getting
    punished for my google, essentially I have 5 websites for 5 different yet
    complimentary/similar businesses, one of the sites is the parent company so
    effectively the top of the tree if that's how people view it (in an
    organisational structure).
    We have duplicate content on pages such as about us, employee profiles,
    product information and more such as right now we're writing a blog a week
    and posting it to each of the 5 sites which would be fine, the content is
    relevant to them all BUT google see's this as duplicate content and its
    hurting our rankings...
    Do I seriously need to create different versions of content on all these
    sites? what are the rules, is it only content blocks of a certain size I
    need to worry about or is it also the 2-3 line H tags and short 5-6 line
    employee profiles?
    For the blog, I want to use the blog content to help with rankings and
    keywords so I believe I need to have the content local to each site and not
    just point the blogs on 4 of the sites to a single parent blog, I also
    don't want to take people away from the site they originally visited to
    read a blog.
    What are my options here? Thanks all :)
    Oh Last question, is there a tool that tells me what duplicate content is
    being picked up and I'm being punished for?


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