Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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    Michele OOR <tromic@gmail.com> Sep 16 01:41AM -0700  

    knows someone explain to me why in the graph "Indexing status" of
    GoogleWebmasterTool, the line of "Total Indexed" decreases so scary.
    I had no messages or other indications of penality by Google
    The pages of the site are always the same if not increased over time (in
    fact the pages "scanned so far" present in the same graph continue to rise)
    How can I involve to avoid further deceleration and I hope never happens,
    arrivals to zero?
    Help, thank you!
    Site: www.osteriaoristorante.it


    Nishitha KM <nishitha122@gmail.com> Sep 16 04:16AM -0700  

    hi Mr Michael Wilson,
    Its very useful blog i found,thanks a lot for sharing..


    Sagara Paranagama <sagara89dev@gmail.com> Sep 16 05:14AM -0700  

    Hi all,
    I am developing a Single Page Application and I want to optimize it for
    search. Since it is Single Page, I only have one <title> tag and one <meta
    description> tag in my index.html. However, the site contains many sections
    such as Careers etc. which are loaded dynamically using ajax calls. I am
    using #! urls so that the crawler would be presented with a static html
    snapshot containing only the relevant html data for that particular
    section. I thought of adding <title> and <meta description> tags to those
    static snapshots as well so that the crawler knows what it's indexing.
    Since the static html snapshot differs from the actual html data that a
    user receives, will Google penalize my site's rankings?
    -Sagara Paranagama


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